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Mark Gonzales. 2020. Published by Rizzoli New York.

Part skate photography, part intimate portrait, this is a bold collection of work straight from the mind of the artist, as seen through Sem Rubio's iconic photography. After working together for over a decade, Rubio and Gonzales have created an impressive archive that became the seed for this stunning monograph.

This indispensable volume gathers new, personal insights into legendary tricks and collaborations. It is a verbal and visual testimony of his many worlds. Specially-commissioned interviews with Spike Jonze, Hiroshi Fujiwara, KAWS, Ed Templeton, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Blondey McCoy, Gus Van Sant and more are peppered throughout the book, making this a truly kaleidoscopic portrait of the ever-evolving, revolutionary artist.

- Rizzoli New York

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Awaydays. 2016. Published by Adidas.

Comissioned by Juice Design & Adidas, this book compiles the photography shot around the world in a 4 year span while filming for the full length film Away Days, directed by Matt Irving. 

The photography of this book produced two touring exhibitions displayed in 15 cities in America, Asia and Europe between 2014 and 2016.

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